Wushu dust

Made with Paris and Bordeaux wushu athlete, the clip Wushu Dust takes the concept of the explosion of white powder during a kick slammed. Chinese athletes of 80 years, as Yuan Wen Qing, were used of this type of effect on competition.

Bordeaux turned into a decorative “urban art”, floured athletes perform their routines to the millimeter, in an atmosphere inspired by the festival of colors in India.

Director: Adrien Servadio
Sound: Alain Governatori
Music: Hippy Hippy Shake by BIG SOUL
Cast: Gregory Koschmann – Alexis Duolé – Ban Eang – Vincent Curulla – Danee Puig – Phillipe Rebaudo – Vincent Khai – Pyedanah Pyndiah
Thanks: Post Logic – Elisabeth Sogonnaud Khai – Yabin Liu